Behavior Matters Pet Training

Jenny Stanslaski

I have over 20 years of experience working with animals. I am a certified veterinary technician (CVT) that has achieved board certification in behavior as a Veterinary Technician Specialist VTS (Behavior),  Low Stress Handling CertifiedFear Free Certified Elite, a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA-CTP), Certified Family Dog Mediator, and completed the Master Course-Aggression in dogs certification, the past president of The Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians.

I am committed to continuing education for myself, as well as teaching others.  I believe the more we know about scientifically based training practices, the more we can grow and build a better bond with the animals that share our lives. Understanding how animals learn and interact with their environment gives us great insight into how they are feeling and what they need to be successful in the human world.  Teaching with reward-based techniques helps our pets learn to offer behaviors that work for us and for them. 

I have had the privilege of sharing my home with several animals that have taught me that we are all individuals that come with our own quirks.  Our pets say a lot, even though we may not always understand.  Whether you need help with basic training or need to address more complicated issues we are here to help.  

Our goal is to help address behavioral concerns that affect everyone’s quality of life by finding solutions that work for your family. Sharing our homes with pets should be fun and rewarding.   

We will never use force or fear to teach you or your pet, our focus is on the wellbeing of your family.

Please contact me to find out how I can help you!