Behavior Matters Pet Training

Behavior Matters! It is the form of communication that our pets use to let us know when they are feeling happy, excited, uncomfortable, stressed, or fearful. Behavior works!
Behavior consults are individualized to your family and pet(s) needs. The initial consult is to gather information to build the best plan for moving forward to achieve your goals.  We can help by creating a carefully crafted, scientifically based training plan.Individual training plans promote a successful long-term behaviorally and emotionally balanced pet(s).

Behavior consults involve a detailed history, immediate management or training solutions, assessment of the environment to promote opportunities for success. Private consults are best for addressing individual training with more in-depth behavioral concerns, or if you want to have one on one training sessions.

Here are some common reasons for private consults, if you do not see your concern listed please contact us to discuss options

Prevention is the best way to help establish wanted behaviors before problems arise. Training is all about telling our pet what behavior we like. By using how animals learn we can make training easy and fun. Since we use positive reinforcement training we can create dogs that really like to work.

Training should be enriching and fun for you and your pet!

Prevention training includes:

Does your dog need help with basic life skills like door greetings, barking, jumping, digging, leash walking, destrctive chewing? Having a pet that has great manners means a pet that can go places with you and be a welcomed guest.

Basic manners include:

Fearful behaviors can be seen by observing the dogs body language, do they hide behind you, avoid greeting someone new, shut down and just co-exist, alert bark when seeing a new person, dog or novel object. Do they run and hide when the microwave beeps? The fear response is needed for our survival, but when fearful behaviors are out of context there is generally a reason why. Helping your pet develop a different emotional response to something that they find scary can greatly increase everyone’s quality of life.

Fearful behavior assessments include:

Aggressive and reactive behaviors generally have an underlying reason. Does your dog, bark, lunge and pull on the leash when they see another dog or person? Do you feel nervous about your pet’s behavior? Dogs that act aggressively or with a high level of reactivity are not “bad” dogs, they just need a little more help to cope and learn about their world.

Aggressive or reactive assessments include:

Veterinary or grooming visits can be stressful for you and for your dog.  When your dog gets stressed, they may shutdown, growl, bark, or defend themselves which puts you, their caregiver into a situation of avoiding bringing them in for needed medical or grooming care.  It is hard to watch your furry friend panic when brought into these places and you may feel embarrassed about their behavior.  Preparing for medical or grooming visits is a great way to reduce your stress, and your dog’s fear.  

 I will work with you and your pet to develop exam and handling foundation skills.  Once your dog is doing well and accepting the handling with excitement and having fun, then we will work on the new skills they have learned in the veterinary or grooming setting.  I will work with your Veterinarian and/or groomer to help them understand your pets needs so they can be successful in helping your pet with continued care. 

Preparing for Veterinary or grooming visits includes helping your pet learn how to remain relaxed and cooperate for their medical or grooming procedure:

​As a Certified Veterinary Technician that is Low Stress Handling Certified and Fear Free Certified Elite

I am able to help set your pet up for a success.  I have the knowledge of what their exam entails and can help set them up for success using low stress and low fear training techniques.  

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Initial Consult

$ 200 1-1/2 hours


$ 100 1 hour

5 Sessions

$ 475 1 hour each
5% Off

10 Sessions

$ 900 1 hour each
10% OFF

Follow up session can be purchased in packages based on the needs of your pet.

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