Behavior Matters Pet Training

Behavior consults are a great way to get started for a personalized training plan for you and your pet.  Some common services offered are listed below, if you do not see what you need, please contact me.

Behavior consults are individualized to your family, and your pets needs. The initial consult is to gather information to build the best plan for moving forward to achieve your goals.  I can help you by creating a carefully crafted scientifically based training plan, that helps with successful long-term behaviorally and emotionally balanced pet. 

Initial Consult

$ 200 1-1/2 hours


$ 100 1 hour

5 Sessions

$ 475 1 hour each
5% Off

10 Sessions

$ 900 1 hour each
10% OFF

Follow up session can be purchased in packages based on the needs of your pet.