Behavior Matters Pet Training

Whether you are looking for help with setting up a foster home for success with a new foster animal, creating a safe and calm environment for the animal to relax and adjust, training volunteers, or helping the new adoptive home, we can help!

Training animals is the process of building knowledge and skills to help navigate their environment living with people.  Dogs and cats do not come preprogrammed knowing what the expectations are of living with humans, it is our job to help them feel comfortable, confident, and safe in our busy lifestyles. This is especially true with so many rescue animals.  Understanding the L.E.G.S. (learning, environment, genetics, and self) of the animal that we are working with gives us greater understanding to help them be their best self and supports them in finding their forever home.

Private behavior consultations are individualized to your foster’s needs, as well as the animal they are supporting. The initial consultation is to gather information to build the best plan for moving forward to help achieve goals to set them up for adoption.  We will create a carefully crafted, scientifically based training plan that promotes long-term behavior to get an emotionally healthy pet. 

Consultations are in the convenience of your foster providers home, or virtually where we discuss immediate management, training solutions, and assessment of the environment to provide the best outcome.  All customized training plans are developed using reward-based training to help build relationships through communication and trust.

Common reasons to seek professional help: ​​

  • Transition to living in a human household.                                 
  • Manners
  • Intra-dog aggression
  • Aggression toward humans
  • Problems between household pets
  • Fear
  • Separation anxiety
  • Resource guarding
  • Attention seeking behaviors.
  • Body handling

To get started please fill out the Rescue Group Behavior History Form.

Initial Consult

$ 250 1-1/2 hours


$ 150 1 hour

Multi-pet Household

$ 350 2 hours

Follow-up Session

$ 200 1-1/2 hours

Follow up session can be purchased in packages based on the needs of your pet.